Laminimal, 2022

A modest, uncomplicated design that enhances any environment. The Sans collection is composed of two elegantly simple and minimalist tables. The refined aesthetic of the Sans tables was made possible by using only two solid steel rods for the base and one metal plate for the top. All pieces are welded together, making a monoblock piece. Using solid steel rods and a steel plate together yields a pure minimalist look that blends any ambiance fluently, also creates an absolutely strong table.

Depending on the angle, you can view different letters of the alphabet formed by the steel wire legs of these tables. What you see is plain sans-serif letters. The defining characteristic of Sans is the gracefully rounded half-circle part of the base. This semicircle doubles as a handle and increases this table’s portability. Grab it and move around the home or office conveniently, wherever you need. Ideal for indoor-outdoor living. Whether you desire to use your tables out on the patio or indoor as a coffee table, Sans is versatile enough to do it all effortlessly.