Simone Viola

Simone Viola was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland, in 1985. He studied industrial design in Milan and soon began collaborating with prominent Italian and international architecture and design studios. In 2011, these experiences led him to establish his own studio in Switzerland, specializing in industrial design and interior spaces. The d├ęcor sector became his primary area of interest and experimentation, revealing his strong inclination towards clean lines.

His efforts are dedicated to an ongoing quest for functional simplicity, where design becomes an expression of personal style while serving practical purposes. This fusion gives rise to minimalist, ergonomic shapes, designed to adorn living spaces with a distinct identity. To achieve this, Simone Viola meticulously oversees all stages of creation and production, ensuring attention to detail throughout the entire process.

Simone Viola’s passion for design extends beyond aesthetics and functionality; he strives to create meaningful connections between people and their living environments. His designs seek to evoke emotions, provoke thought, and enhance the overall quality of life for those who experience his creations. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of materials and their potential, Simone Viola continuously pushes the boundaries of design, exploring new possibilities to bring fresh and inspiring concepts to life.