Revo stool

TOOU, 2021

Revo as revolutionary, innovative, which focuses on new paradigms and needs. Revo as revolve, which allows you to rotate, turn around in complete freedom and to feel yourself the master of your own movement. A simple, minimal word that embodies the soul of this collection made up of chair and stool. Designed to meet new expectations and fit in an unprecedented way into realities such as smart offices. In addition to a more traditional version with sled legs, the Revo collection features a model with casters which become invisible thanks to its lower base. This element also offers an indispensable support surface useful in all circumstances. The handy and functional shape, as well as the reduced surface of its embracing backrest, have been designed to allow extreme comfort and give that feeling of freedom, making the boundaries between you and Revo very blurred. The collection is completed by a revolving writing desk, whose arm and top can rotate on their own axis, making the seat highly suitable for community contexts.

With this collection, made of ecoplastic, a compound of organic waste materials, with low environmental impact, TOOU reconfirms its extreme sensitivity towards the environment. Not only that, the Revo collection, as they can be dismantled, allow a more efficient recycling of their components, thus concretizing an important eco-sustainability policy.