Plie armchair

Laminimal, 2023

Step into the world of elegance and style with Plie, a stunning series that draws inspiration from the art of graceful movements. The name Plie is derived from the characteristic design of its legs: a single, beautifully curved tube that defines and accentuates the entire chair’s aesthetic.

At the heart of Plie lies a circular design concept, where the seat is completely round, and the backrest takes on a captivating crescent shape. This geometric interplay creates a harmonious blend of clean lines and alluring curves, giving the chair a distinctively captivating allure.

The collection offers a range of seating options to suit diverse preferences. The armchair version exudes a sense of luxurious relaxation. The lounge variant is the epitome of comfort and sophistication, offering a cozy spot to relax; for those seeking pure simplicity. The collection includes two backless stools, their minimalist design perfectly complements any space, adding a touch of contemporary charm. Plie is where comfort and style seamlessly come together. The carefully curved metal structure with a soft seat and back provides excellent support while adding an artistic flair to any interior. Whether you place it in your living room, dining area, or a trendy bar, Plie effortlessly elevates the ambiance.