TOOU, 2018

Leafee is a sign that transcends language, a natural, recognisable volume, an idea materialised into a universal shape. Leafee is a token of love from TOOU towards everything that is natural and sustainable. With its paper knife function, its fluid and natural leaf shape, its bright green colour, it testifies to the love for the Earth, a commitment to respect pledged to the world. Leafee is made of a mixture of plastic material and recycled natural waste, and it represents the first important step taken by TOOU towards ever more eco-conscious manufacturing processes that make use of eco-friendly materials and technologies.

This is why the production cycle of TOOU abides by the correct criteria of waste reduction, reuse and disposal, while its research and development lab is actively committed to developing solutions for an ever-greater environmental sustainability. To prove this commitment, knowing that the simplest of gestures is often the most effective, TOOU decided to launch the Leafee campaign, demonstrating its interest in the environment through direct contributions to non-profit foundations that carry out reforestation projects in suitable areas of the world.