TOOU, 2023

The name “Fla” comes from flaps, which are the distinctive fins under the seat: these vibrant orange fins not only emphasize the chair’s unique design, but also show how stackable it is.

Fla chairs perfectly combine lightness and versatility. Weighing just over 3kg, it is remarkably lightweight, making it easy to move around and rearrange as needed. Its stackable feature allows for convenient storage, with the capability to stack up to 6 chairs, making it the perfect ally for events and yes, last-minute parties.
Crafted as a single piece using durable polypropylene, Fla exudes a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. The seat incorporates non-intrusive armrests, providing added comfort without compromising its elegant form. Its design blends dynamic and soft curves with clean, defined lines, creating a visually appealing juxtaposition and effortlessly adapting to various contexts.

Additionally, you have the option to enhance the seating experience by attaching a cushion with a trim that complements the chair’s fins. With four color options available for the structure and three choices for the cushions, you can customize Fla to suit your personal style or match your existing decor.
Experience the fusion of functionality and contemporary design with Fla, a collection of chairs that embodies elegance and practicality.